May 16 2022

Discount Admission and Special Activities for Memorial Day

Join us this Memorial Day Weekend as we honor the individuals who sacrificed their lives while serving their country. Admission to the Museum is free for veterans and active duty military personnel, while general admission for the public is half-price all weekend.
Apr 28 2022

Young Supporters Spotlight: The Modernists Council

There are few places where you can find young, passionate history buffs these days. But the “front porch” of Kansas City is the perfect place to engage them with the culture of KC. Enter: The Modernists.
Mar 30 2022

New Collection Spotlight: Religious Icons in Art and War

Calling upon classical Christian imagery, Saint Javelin became an online phenomenon in March 2022. The 21st century viral icon has deep roots within religion and conflict. This new collection spotlight looks at the parallels between WWI religious iconography and that of the modern day.
Jan 10 2022

Electronic Field Trips for Spring 2022

Announcing the spring dates for our Electronic Field Trips! Ideal for groups of 15-100 participants, these Zoom meetings allow Museum and Memorial educators to provide a live 45-minute digital lesson with time built-in for a student Q&A session.
Dec 10 2021

In Memoriam: Mary E. Davidson

The board of trustees and staff at the National WWI Museum and Memorial mourn the loss of former Interim President and CEO, Mary Davidson, who died on Dec. 6, 2021.
Nov 23 2021

Donor Spotlight: Dr. Arlene Segal

A visit with Dr. Arlene Segal can last for hours because her story could fill the pages of a book: her impressive medical career, her love for history and the National WWI Museum and Memorial and her passion for wildlife conservation.
Oct 20 2021

100 Years Ago…

100 years ago, on Nov. 1, 1921, more than 100,000 people gathered to see the supreme Allied commanders dedicate the future site of the Liberty Memorial. This was the first time in history these five leaders were together in one place.

Oct 1 2021

Fractured Fronts: 2021 Symposium

As the Great War “ended,” many questions confronted the global community that remain just as pressing today as they did one hundred years ago. How does war impact how we understand ourselves and our