The National WWI Museum and Memorial upgrades to Google Fiber 5 Gig

Modern photograph of a bearded white man threading cables through a complicated tangle of cables installed into a wall.

Boosting the internet from fast to five times as fast – that’s what a couple Google Fiber specialists were busy doing on March 29 in a cramped room filled with blinking server lights and snaking cables, as several TV news crews clustered around them. Cameras zoomed in on hands busy with wires and connection points. When the specialists were done, the Museum and Memorial had been upgraded from 1 Gig to 5 Gig service.

“The enhanced upload and download speeds will be beneficial not only for our staff’s operations,” Chris Wyche, Vice President of Operations, said, “but also for the NFL’s back-office operations for the Draft in April.”

Indeed, the upgrade comes in time for the highly anticipated 2023 NFL Draft (April 27-29) followed by Memorial Day in May, which officially kicks off the summer season at the Museum and Memorial. Now Kansas Citians can experience the difference in speed and capacity inside the Museum and Memorial.

Google Fiber launched 5 Gig in February 2023 exclusively for residential customers – until now. The Museum and Memorial is benefiting from being a “community connection,” as Google Fiber provided the upgrade at no cost from today until after Memorial Day.