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100 Years, 100 Legacies: The Lasting Impact of WWI

The Wall Street Journal has collected a list of "100 legacies that still shape our lives today." From chemical warfare and guided missiles to blue doctors' scrubs and Pilates, the First World War
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Fifteen Animals That Went to War

Many animals served as mascots to boast morale, but others were put to work. Dogs helped lay telephone wires, camels carried the wounded, and horses wore gas masks while doing their job. This
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A WWI Collaborative Activity

1914: Identifying Players and Perspectives

A collaborative activity that uses primary source documents to help students identify the countries involved in the war and the attitudes of these countries towards the war. Who blames who? And why?
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1917 and the French Mutinies - André Loez

One hundred years after French mutineers shouted, "down with the war!" the legacy of the 1917 mutinies remains. Dr. André Loez presents an eye-opening lecture as he addresses how the mutinies inform
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1918 Pandemic Influenza

In 1918, a new influenza virus emerged. During this same time period World War I was taking place. The conditions of World War I (overcrowding and global troop movement) helped the 1918 flu spread.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
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1919: Poems by Eve L. Ewing

Shortly after WWI, the United States experienced Red Summer, a tumultuous period of racial violence. Eve L. Ewing’s book of poetry tells the story of the 1919 Chicago Race Riot through the eyes of everyday people and explores the similarities between America’s past and present day. This downloadable companion teaching guide includes historical background, activities and lessons.

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6 Famous WWI Fighter Aces

To become an ace during World War I, a pilot had to shoot down five enemy planes. This article by Evan Andrews from HISTORY® explores six famous aces including the Red Baron and top American ace Eddie
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ABMC Commemorative Sites Booklet

American Battle Monuments Commission manages 26 cemeteries and 27 monuments. This pdf booklet provides an overview of all of the American Battle Monuments Commission sites around the world, along with
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WWI Podcast Series: African American Doctors in World War I

Part of the MacArthur Memorial's World War I Podcast Series, this episode explores the little known story of African American doctors who answered the call to service. Why did they serve? And what is
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Online Exhibition (Archived in 2020)

African Americans and World War I

Dr. Chad Williams of Brandeis University describes the African American experience during World War I in this essay, which is part of New York Public Library's Africana Age Exhibition. From those in
New York Public Library, Dr. Chad Williams
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Aftermath of World War One

In this article, Professor David Stevenson explains how the Treaty of Versailles, the Treaties of Saint-Germain and Trianon and the Treaties of Neuilly and Sèvres re-drew Europe's post-war boundaries
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Alaska and WWI: A Centennial Exhibit

This story map exhibit features archival content about Alaska's involvement in World War I. Historical photographs and documents from the Alaska State Archives and Alaska State Library Historical
Alaska State Archives, Alaska State Library Historical Collections