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ABMC Commemorative Sites Booklet

American Battle Monuments Commission manages 26 cemeteries and 27 monuments. This pdf booklet provides an overview of all of the American Battle Monuments Commission sites around the world, along with...
American Battle Monuments Commission
Podcast Episode

WWI Podcast Series: African American Doctors in World War I

Part of the MacArthur Memorial's World War I Podcast Series, this episode explores the little known story of African American doctors who answered the call to service. Why did they serve? And what is...
MacArthur Memorial
Online Exhibition (Archived in 2020)

African Americans and World War I

Dr. Chad Williams of Brandeis University describes the African American experience during World War I in this essay, which is part of New York Public Library's Africana Age Exhibition. From those in...
New York Public Library, Dr. Chad Williams
Online Article

Aftermath of World War One

In this article, Professor David Stevenson explains how the Treaty of Versailles, the Treaties of Saint-Germain and Trianon and the Treaties of Neuilly and Sèvres redrew Europe's post-war boundaries.
British Library
Online Exhibition

Alaska and WWI: A Centennial Exhibit

This story map exhibit features archival content about Alaska's involvement in World War I. Historical photographs and documents from the Alaska State Archives and Alaska State Library Historical...
Alaska State Archives, Alaska State Library Historical Collections
Trivia Game from 1918

America in the War

A 1918 trivia game created by Committee on War Activities/Knights of Columbus, America in the War consists of 48 trivia flash cards, which have been digitized by the Digital Library@Villanova...
Villanova University

WWI Podcast Series: America's Foreign-Born Doughboys

Foreign-born soldiers were critical to U.S. participation in the Great War. The logistics of registration, training and post-war citizenship were quite complicated. From the MacArthur Memorial, this...
MacArthur Memorial
Historic Reference Book

American Armies and Battlefields in Europe

ABMC was created in 1923 to manage the country's overseas World War I cemeteries and memorials, and part of the agency's work included the writing and publishing of the "American Armies and...
American Battle Monuments Commission
Primary Source Collection

American Committee for Relief in the Near East: Posters

This collection of original posters and documents created by the American Committee for Relief in the Near East are part of an early groundswell of humanitarian aid from American citizens during WWI.
Lesson Plan

American Response to the Armenian Genocide

Starting in early 1915, Ottoman Turks began expelling and killing hundreds of thousands of Armenians in the first major genocide of the 20th century. The lesson plan from Facing History and Ourselves...
Facing History and Ourselves

American Women and WWI

This three-lesson unit examines the complexity of women's contributions to World War I. Students will demonstrate what they have learned through their analysis of various primary sources with...
The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History