Battle of the Somme

The Battle of the Somme was a definitive campaign of the First World War. Unprecedented casualties resulted from intense trench warfare and new military technologies. In this lesson, students analyze
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Bringing the Great War Home

From the American Battle Monuments Commission, in conjunction with the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Virginia Tech, Bringing the Great War Home: Teaching with the Meuse-Argonne American
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Canada and the First World War

From the Canadian War Museum, explore Canada's contributions to WWI. This series of articles looks into the history and technology of the war, through articles and objects from the museum's collection
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Centennial Countdown to the Great War

Written by Dennis Cross, this blog reviews the events of war one hundred years ago to the date. Each month, Cross creates a full article on the war's events with an extensive list of sources and
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Changing Technology, Changing Tactics

Why is WWI considered the first "modern" war? In this lesson, high school students will consider the advancement in technology and, specifically, adaptations of trench warfare based on technological advances through discussion, primary sources and a hands-on activity.

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Chavaniac, We are Here!

These documents, supported by the French Centennial commission, look at the U.S. entry to WWI and its continued impact through the specific story of Château de Chavaniac-Lafayette. Originally created
Departement de la Haute-Loire
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Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers

Tens of thousands of historic U.S. newspaper pages from 1836-1922 document world events and everyday American life, including the era of the First World War and its aftermath.
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Colonial Empires after the War: Decolonization

European colonies mobilized to assist with the war effort. After the Armistice, many colonists took hope from Woodrow Wilson's idea of "self-determination" from his Fourteen Points. This article
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Companions In The Trenches: Animals of World War 1

Horses, dogs and pigeons were some of the animals used most frequently by both sides during the War. In this video from The Great War Channel, host Indy Neidell describes in detail how these animals
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Continuing Conflict: Europe After the First World War

While the Armistice officially ended fighting on the Western Front, peace was not achieved on all fronts until 1923. This article from IWM highlights the surprising number of post-war conflicts,
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WWI Podcast Series: Dazzle Painting

This episode of MacArthur Memorial's World War I Podcast series explores Dazzle paintings of ships. This jarring, brightly colored paint scheme helped camouflage ships and made it hard for U-Boats to
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