“Bespoke Bodies: The Design & Craft of Prosthetics” to open at the National WWI Museum and Memorial on June 8, 2023

Image: simple orange graphic of a running human with prosthetic legs. Text in orange: Bespoke Bodies / The Design & Craft of Prosthetics

Beginning June 8, 2023, in collaboration with Design Museum Everywhere, the National WWI Museum and Memorial will explore prosthetic design and its critical role in humanizing new technologies for individuals living with limb loss or limb difference.

Bespoke Bodies features the stories and experiences of professional athletes, veterans, children and other users who collaborated with Prosthetists and designers to create prostheses. These experiences are combined with contemporary and historical artifacts, including from the Great War – a pivotal time in the field of prosthetics.

The exhibition has been enhanced with artifacts from the Museum and Memorial’s collection which provide a unique historical context to explore urgent contemporary conversations around design and disability.

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