2022 Holiday Gift Guide

15 gifts for every kind of person in your life
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1. For the animal lover

Photograph of an adorable stuffed trench rat plushie wearing a white bandana printed with the Museum logo

Plush Trench Rat with WWI Museum and Memorial Bandana

2. For the gardener

Photograph of a seed packet printed with a painting of a white woman dressed in a U.S. flag-themed dress scattering seeds in a field from a basket

Poppy Seed Packet

3. For the home cook

Photograph of a glass jar shaped like a grenade filled with green hot sauce

The General's Hot Sauce - Hooah Jalapeno

4. For the one who won't stop talking about WWI

Photograph of a Black male model wearing a t-shirt printed with a gas mask and the Museum logo

Gas Mask T-Shirt

(Alternatively: gift them a year of membership to the Museum and Memorial)

5. For the hard-headed one

Photograph of a mannequin head wearing a steel doughboy helmet painted with flags and tanks

WWI Brodie Doughboy Helmet (supplies limited)

6. For the veteran

Photograph of a bronze-colored lapel pin engraved with the U.S. Marines logo: an eagle astride a globe over an anchor

A lapel pin

7. For the one who's homesick for Kansas City

Photograph of the box for a Monopoly game printed with pictures of Kansas City destinations

Monopoly: Kansas City Edition

8. For the one who likes to shop local (to KC)

Photograph of a crossbody purse printed with poppies

Whitney Manney scarves and bags

9. For the one who always gives books as gifts

Scan of an orange-colored cover of a book. Image: a cartoon of a dead fish. Text: Secrets in a Dead Fish

Secrets in a Dead Fish: The Spying Game in the First World War by Melanie King

10. For the one who's always cold

Photograph of a mannequin foot wearing a blue sock printed with WWI airplanes

Airplane Socks (though you should check out all the other socks in our collection)

11. For the coffee lover

Photograph of a blue tin mug printed with the Museum logo

Tin Camp Mug - Blue

12. For the one who's always entertaining at home

Photograph of a stone coaster printed with the poster of Uncle Sam pointing at the viewer. Text: I Want You for U.S. Army

Coaster - I Want You for U.S. Army (don't miss our entire collection of coasters for designs featuring poppies, women's suffrage and more)

13. For the one who needs a pick-me-up

Photograph of a Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds bar. The wrapper is printed with vintage-looking images of white boys eating chocolate

Vintage packaged candy

14. For the artsy one

Scan of a watercolor print depicting the Memorial Courtyard, Liberty Memorial Tower and Assyrian sphinx on a snowy night

JQ Watercolor prints (note: JQ is also a local Kansas City artist!)

15. For someone's stocking

Photograph of a keychain shaped like a hand grenade

WWI keychains