The Armistice

On Nov. 11, 1918, after more than four years of horrific fighting and the loss of millions of lives, the guns on the Western Front fell silent. 

Paris Peace Conference

Formally opened on Jan. 18, 1919, the Paris Peace Conference was the international meeting that established the terms of peace after World War I. 

Women in WWI

With millions of men away from home, women filled manufacturing and agricultural positions on the home front.

U.S. Enters the War

Why did America enter World War I? Learn about the events that led the U.S. to enter WWI in 1917.

Global Interactive WWI Map

This interactive map shows you which countries and territories were involved in the Great War and how they were aligned.

Interactive WWI Timeline

How long did World War I last? Who fought whom? Journey through the story of the Great War with our Interactive WWI Timeline, covering the world events of 1914‑1920.