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Letters & Artworks From War – Renefer: 1914-18

Writer and artist Raymond Fontanet, known as Renefer (1876-1957), was mobilized to serve in the French military in 1914 and, throughout the war, always carried pencils and a sketchbook in his hands

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Posters as Munitions

Soon after the outset of World War I, the poster, previously the successful medium of commercial advertising, was recognized as a means of spreading national propaganda with unlimited possibilities

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Over By Christmas

Many thought World War I would be over in days, surely by Christmas. To many, Christmas was a time of peace and goodwill towards others, the celebration of the Prince of Peace.

The German Soldier in World War I

Man and Machine

In 2010, the special exhibition Man and Machine: The German Soldier in World War I offered rare insight into the Great War by sharing stories from the German viewpoint.

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For Liberty: American Jewish Experience in WWI

From Irving Berlin’s draft registration card to the handwritten draft of the Balfour Declaration, July 17, 1917, of Leon Simon’s, which was forwarded to Lord Balfour, this exhibition illustrates th

National WWI Museum and Memorial

Lest We Forget

An abbreviated version of the exhibition featuring portraits of seven Holocaust survivors from Kansas City continued through Oct. 20 in front of the Museum and Memorial Main Entrance.

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John Singer Sargent Gassed

Gassed, which is on loan from the Imperial War Museums in the U.K., has been viewed by tens of millions of people since its completion.

Harmonies of the Homefront

If you want to know a generation of Americans, then listen to the popular music they embraced in their youth. 

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Etched in Memory

Etched in Memory features color etchings by British artist James Alphege Brewer (1881-1946) presenting scenes from Belgium and Northern France—cathedrals, churches and town buildings threa

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Immersive VR Experience

War Remains

This is not a game. This is History. Live through the war to end all wars unlike ever before in this immersive VR experience.