Hell's Half Acre - The True Story of the Lost Battalion - Robert Laplander

On the evening of Oct. 2, 1918, Major Charles W. Whittlesey of the 77th Division led nearly 700 men under his command into the narrow Charlevaux Ravine, deep in the heart of the Argonne Forest in northeastern France. That night the German occupied the high ground behind them, surrounding them and cutting them off a kilometer ahead of the American lines. Five days later, just 194 survivors walked out of the ravine... and into history. This is their story.

Robert J. Laplander, Author of 'Finding the Lost Battalion: Beyond the Rumors, Myths and Legend of America’s WWI Epic'

Lecture given as part of the National WWI Museum and Memorial's 2018 Symposium, 1918: Crucible of War.

Symposium presenting sponsor: Pritzker Military Museum & Library