Image: modern color photograph on a rocky, scrubby hill overlooking a valley with a very blue lake. A small wooden structure is resting on the crest of the hill. People's hats and heads are just visible in the scrub brush beyond. Text: 'Salonika / Surviving Reminders of the Campaign'

Salonika: Surviving Reminders of the Campaign 

Sunday, April 14 - 2 p.m. Central Zoom Conference

The enduring impact of the First World War persists in our everyday lives, in every corner of the globe. Its most obvious imprint remains in the landscapes of former battlefields. Clive Harris, guide and director of Battle Honours, explores the traces of the Salonika Campaign today, featuring an exclusive preview of the Museum and Memorial’s upcoming battlefield tour to Salonika. Hosted in partnership with Battle Honours and in conjunction with the 2024 battlefield tour In the Footsteps of Titans: Salonika and the Great War.

Free with RSVP | Zoom