Left image: 3D rendering of a Native American man in WWI uniform broken up into pixel-like graphics. Text: 'Choctaw Code Talkers 1918 / Virtual Reality' Right image: A flat poster cartoon illustration of a man's craggy face staring at the viewer wearing a helmet. Text: 'War Remains / Virtual Reality'

Virtual Reality Experiences

Experience the Great War like you never have before in 3D virtual reality
Main Gallery
War Remains text logo

$5 per person

$3 for Museum Members

Must be 14 years of age

Experience the war to end all wars unlike ever before. Presented by “Hardcore History” legendary podcaster Dan Carlin, War Remains transports viewers to the Western Front of the First World War. Through stunning visual effects and powerfully designed sound, audiences will experience the annihilation of innocence caused by the First World War and bear witness to the emergence of modern warfare.

Choctaw Code Talkers 1918 text logo

$3 per person

$2 for Museum Members

Must be 10 years of age

Our Worlds tells the incredible story of America’s original Code Talkers. Stationed in France in 1918, soldiers from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma communicated tactical messages in their native language across battlefield phone lines, helping to turn the tides of the war. The piece immerses viewers in the presence of Choctaw soldiers fighting in France, presented in XR360º.

Animated gif of video game footage flicking through different scenes of trenches, tanks, shelling, mud and death.
Animated gif of VR graphics - on a black background, clouds of 3D pixels swarm into the shapes of running WWI soldiers, then break apart re-swarm into the shapes of WWI soldiers donning gas masks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Both of these VR Experiences are stationary and guests will be inside individual quiet booths with options to sit or stand.

In the Main Gallery on the west side. You will need to have purchased General Admission or one of the Combo Tickets including General Admission.

VR Experiences are purchased separately and are not included in either General Admission or Combo Tickets.

On the west side of the Main Gallery, in the area where the VR Experiences are located.

Each VR Experience is purchased separately.

War Remains: participants must be 14 years of age or older.

Choctaw Code Talkers 1918: participants must be 10 years of age or older.

Like other virtual reality experiences, ours may not be suitable for those who are pregnant or have health issues, including vertigo, photosensitive epilepsy and mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety. If you have any health conditions, we suggest you consult your doctor before using VR.

Yes, the VR headsets do accommodate glasses and hearing aids.

Modern photograph of an enclosed alcove in a museum gallery. A white woman with long brown hair wearing jeans and a button-down sits on a comfortable bench, wearing a large VR headset over her eyes.

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