Black and white movie poster with tiny illustrated silhouettes of WWI soldiers running across a stark landscape with the words 'WAR MOVIE' looming above them

War Movie: The American Battle in Cinema

Tuesday, July 16 | 6 p.m. screening, 7 p.m. conversation Auditorium and Online

A five-part documentary series on the history and evolution of the war genre in American cinema, Cantilever Films’ “War Movie” explores how film as a medium shaped U.S. audiences’ perspectives on conflict, foreign policy, race, masculinity and national identity. Roll with us through a screening of the first episode (“The Camera and the Gun: 1900-1939”) followed by a conversation with producer and director Steven Summers. No rating. Runtime: 56 minutes.

Screening 6 p.m. — Auditorium (In-person only)
Conversation 7 p.m. — Auditorium and online

Free with RSVP