Image: black and white photo of three WWI soldiers staggering up a hill toward the viewer. One is visibly bandaged. Text: 'Lifesavers and Body Snatchers'

Lifesavers and Body Snatchers

Thursday, April 4 - 6:30 p.m. Auditorium and Online

The constant evolution and increasing sophistication of medical care in WWI saved millions of soldiers from disease and injury. After the war, doctors and nurses applied these innovations in their countries, profoundly impacting public health. In Canada, not just new techniques were brought back from Europe: medical units harvested almost 800 individual body parts from the front for exhibition in Great Britain, and later in Canada.

Investigate this hidden history of the medical war with Tim Cook, Chief Historian and Director of Research at the Canadian War Museum, as he examines this shocking discovery and its legacy in his new book, “Lifesavers and Body Snatchers: Medical Care and the Struggle for Survival in the Great War.” Hosted in partnership with the Canadian War Museum and in conjunction with the exhibition Bespoke Bodies: The Design & Craft of Prosthetics.

Free with RSVP | Auditorium and Online