Image: silhouette of a man wearing a head covering. Text: Lawrence of Arabia / Legacy Lectures

Desert War, Desert Archaeology

Sunday, Feb. 11 - 2 p.m. Zoom Conference

Ten years of archaeological investigation along the route of the Hejaz Railway in the desert sands of southern Jordan has uncovered sites lost for nearly a century, revealing a different story of the origins of modern guerrilla warfare and the dramatic events of the Arab Revolt of 1916-18. Discoveries of vast campsites occupied by railway builders, along with Ottoman Turkish machine-gun redoubts, Rolls Royce Armoured Car raiding camps, an ephemeral Royal Air Force desert aerodrome and the actual site of the Hallat Ammar railway ambush, shed new light on the exploits of T. E. Lawrence, Emir Feisal and Bedouin warriors.

Dr. Nicholas J. Saunders, author of “Desert Insurgency: Archaeology, T. E. Lawrence, and the Arab Revolt,” expands on a seminal episode of WWI and how it reshaped the Middle East. Hosted in partnership with the T. E. Lawrence Society.

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